About Trudy

The internet and tech savvy geek with a provocative mind overflowing with creative business concepts … helping business owners get organised, focused and laying solid foundations to achieve outstanding results in their businesses and their lives.

Fighting a constant internal battle between left and right brain, now loving the freedom to accept both into her life and embracing all of her skills and passions.
  • Prince2 qualified project manager
  • Qualified executive and life coach
  • Internet & Social Media marketing specialist
  • Fully qualified bookkeeper
  • Qualified accounting technician
  • Microsoft office expert
Also affectionately known as “The Goals Girl”.

I spend my days doing the things I am passionate about and have dreamed about doing, interacting with the people I love to spend time with, and helping other people reach the heights they dream of for themselves and their businesses.
It wasn’t luck that got me here, though, but a clear vision, strong focus, stubborn determination and lot of hard work.”

The short story:

Trudy always knew that she wanted to do something amazing with her life, have a positive impact on the world around her and be her own boss.  When she was then introduced to the wonder of entrepreneurialism at the age of 17 everything fell into place!  She was immersed in the excitement of being involved in an ecclectic mix of projects, and surrounded by the most interesting and creative individuals.  No one day was ever the same as the next – or any other.  This was the life she wanted to make for herself.

Allowing herself some time to gather business, world and corporate experience before making the leap for herself, Trudy started her first business June 2008, right on queue to meet her goal to have an established business of her own, as her sole source of income, by the time she turned 30.

The Cottage Office Ltd (a business admin support services company) – is the source of the majority of the fun Trudy has throughout her working day.  You can find out more about the services offered through The Cottage Office Ltd by visiting the website.

In running her own business Trudy has learnt a lot.  She has taken on new skills, continually built on her already solid experience, and created a strong network of people she loves to interact with – including clients and colleagues.  Trudy openly admits that she has fallen prey to many of the pitfalls that present themselves in starting up a new venture, but that only puts her in a better position to help other business owners steer their way past those obstacles more successfully.

Trudy now focuses her time more closely on helping other business owners – whether they be enterpreneurs, freelancers, coaches or small business owners – to look at the goals they have for their business and set strategies in place for reaching those goals.  She works with clients to determine the systems and processes they need to support their businesses and their planned growth.  She provides coaching support to help clients work through blockages and obtacles and negotiate the difficult times with more confidence.  She is able to offer guidance on internet and social media marketing strategies to help clients find the people that are hungry for what they have to offer.  She also makes support available for clients who need someone to provide the support activities too.  Some of the work Trudy does herself, and the rest is carried out by The Cottage Office team.

Every day is different, every client is different – the only constant is that the people Trudy works with are all passionate about what they do and are driven to succeed.

“Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticisms, carry out your plan.” Paul Meyer

Below is a snapshot of some of the companies Trudy has worked with to improve processes and to head up change management programs.

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